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“We value your courage to think out and sustain lasting relationships. We evaluate the quality of relationships and we never judge whatever the circumstances. We will give you the support you need, the way you need it, when you need it.”AM Team

Relationships with people around us- family and friends, partners and colleagues play a big part in our lives and how happy we are. Whether you’re facing difficulties, looking to strengthen your relationships, or want help thinking things through we’re here to help and support you. Our mission is helping couples, families, individuals to make relationships work better.The whole process of personal growth depends on our communication with others. If we were alone on an island, without having the chance to communicate with anyone we would never be able  to understand who we are and what are the various traits of our nature. Living with others is a key part to building a healthy relationship. The first step is making sure you are both on the same page- having similar expectations with our partner is of utmost importance. No matter of your gender, sex preferences or age we are here for you.

When we are in a relationship, we rarely ask ourselves why this person attracted us. We devote to it dreaming to be wanted and loved. Right after our relationship begins to subside and settle we start to pay attention to the object of our desires.  Only then we are able to notice the strengths and weaknesses of our partner and we often start asking ourselves why did we miss this certain reaction or behavior that irritate us so much earlier? Why did we start this relationship with the person that drives us How come we never noticed that before?

It takes time to realize that our relationships challenge us to realize what makes us different and unique. When we communicate with others, we also understand our ideals and beliefs.

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Our licensed counsellors work to support you and the community by offering face-to-face counselling, workshops and personal profiling. We also provide e-mail and life chat counseling. A meeting with our licensed Psychological Astrologist can help you draw future plans, overcome the barriers and be more successful and happy in your relationship.