The five questions you have to ask yourself before your job interview

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Most people experience anxiety when they know they have to attend to a job interview. How is it going to be? Will I meet the expectations of the future employer? How to answer the questions in order to impress them? And all kind of other similar questions that we need to pay attention to before our actual job interview.

But before you pick up the phone and make up an appointment, try to think about several basic questions that will help you overcome anxiety and fear. What is the chance to impress the future employers and to face the competition if you are not convinced you really want the job?

What is the motive behind my choice?

The motives of every person might be different, and it is important that you are aware of them. The desire associated with making more money or status is not as important as knowing why you want this job. The lack of awareness for someone’s inner motivation often becomes their weakest place and cause of failure. Let’s imagine you want a better salary.  The disappointment of your current earnings might become your Achilles heel and transfer into unfounded claims to your new employer.  It is important that you know exactly why you want this job, so you can reassure and be able to show what you can bring to the company

Can I handle this?

No matter how good you are at work, don’t underestimate the requirements of your employer. In a competitive environment, this will be a challenge for your abilities. But if the working environment  is based on conflicts between the coworkers, you will hardly be able to show the best of you. The truth is that the employer’s understanding for success determines the working atmosphere of the company. If the company philosophy is based on the exhausting demands without a clear vision, do not keep yourself responsible in case of a failure. You are just not at the right place. Don’t be afraid to start looking for a healthy and professional environment.

How to prove myself?

The frivolous promises and grandiose slogans are false starts and every good employer will recognize that at the outset. Silence and timid reactions will also be your enemies. Remember, if you are aware of your inner motives and skills, there is nothing to worry about, because you are professionals and many employers will need your skills. You are not a slave, who gives away their work and this should be stated as a clear message during the interview.

Your self-esteem is an important companion. Do not take unnecessary maneuvers and promises that you cannot do, because they are not in your competencies. The employer is also a professional and knows the tricks.

Do I have a clear vision?

The motivation letters are an excellent tool that show the strengths and motivation of the individual. But how authentic is this letter? It could also be a small stone in which you can stumble and fall. No need to build castles in the air to impress someone. It is enough to believe in what we show. Nobody asks you to do the impossible (or at least the smart employers). What you need to do is show them that you truly want to become part of their team. Clearly and respectfully convince them that your skills will contribute for the prosperity and success of the company.

Do I have a clear concept?

Before you go to your interview, make sure you are aware of the company vision and philosophy. Maybe you won’t share its ideas. Researching the company will give you inner confidence and will help you realize whether this place is good for you or not.

And if you still find things in common between you and the company that invited you for a job interview  don’t be afraid to put some efforts and show them you are the best candidate for the job.

With this set of questions in mind, you can prepare your application for your future employers. You will show confidence and professionalism. And that is exactly what they need.

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