Psychology and Astrology Together


Psychological astrology is human oriented, i.e. directed to the issues of personality and their solving. This is a relatively new discipline – the branch in astrology, appeared in the 60 years of the last century. Perhaps one of the founding fathers of psychological astrology is Carl Gustav Jung who in the later stages of his psychiatric practice is interested in the esoteric, especially medieval Alchemy and subsequently to astrology. Working together with schizophrenics, he discovers just how wealthy is the inner world of those people. Many of them who were completely unenlightened in episodes of psychotic seizures mythological tales told him, without ever have the idea that they really exist. This brings him deep an archetype symbolism of repetitive and universal images embodied in every person, no matter, race, culture or religious affiliation.

Directing his interest in astrology, he discovers that horoscope is a symbolic picture of our own psyche with all our needs and hopes. In psychological astrology is examined more unconscious processes that run in the man himself. These processes are “responsible” for the external events that happen to us, but before we play them in the outside world we experience them internally. For example, if a person was born on a full moon, astrological, this means that in his birth the Sun and Moon will be in aspect opposition. In classical astrology this aspect is interpreted as the divorce of the parents, and later will affect the divorce of the man himself in his old age. So interpreted, however, has no useful information. He simply waits for the event soon or late to occur. In psychological astrology, astrologer’s goal is to direct the attention of man inwards towards himself and tells him that he has an internal conflict that can resolve. If the Sun is the symbol of our consciousness and Self, then the Moon symbolizes the subconscious, instincts and the processes that run beneath the threshold of consciousness. When we interpret that the two Luminaries are in opposition, i.e. 180 degrees from one another, it appears that a person slamming between the two trends – his mind and Self want one, however subconscious “thinks” differently. And because the Sun and Moon is the classic wedding couple (hieros gamos) – Husband and Wife, in the real world this opposition may play out as a real divorce between man and his partner.  But if you work on the inner dilemma, there are real chances to resolve this conflict. Here’s how it works, the psychological astrology. Thanks to her, you can track the different psychological complexes, unhealthy patterns, even more serious neuroses, which worsen the quality of human life. While the cause of the symptom or problem in the horoscope can be found very easily, the psychotherapeutic will need psychologically a lot of time until he reaches the core of the conflict. The more we are clueless, mean that external events affect us and “control” our lives.


When we were young, we run across in a given environment that puts us any requirements to our model of behavior. So we feel pressured to answer these expectations not to be rejected by our favorite people and from our midst. Unfortunately part of our true nature, we put reluctantly and begin to play the game. But anything we suppressed does not exist in a peace, sooner or later it will draw our attention and then began our real growth and awareness of ourselves and of the world. The horoscope may exactly show those latent features of our character, talents and potentials that need to deploy in order to be in sync with the authentic nature. Otherwise, let the inertia and the chaos of life. Psychological astrology helps us to see those sides of ourselves, and if we realize them as ours and integrate them, then we already have the control over our life. Everything that we don’t realize in ourselves comes into our lives in the form of people and events. For example, if, deep down, we were suppressed anger and not admit it openly, then our lives will constantly draw it in the form of aggressive people or events that will bring us to a rage. If we suppressed our competitive and cocky personality, we will constantly confront with her and with such people who will provoke us to develop this part of our nature. When we realize that these qualities are ours, then there will be no longer need external events to “pressure” us and we will be able freely to have this quality.

Psychological astrology works with all points in the horoscope and all relationships as in Classical Astrology. Unlike the latter, however, this new discipline breaks everything through the prism of human psychology, and these are our needs, longings, potentials. Its purpose is to direct the attention of the person to the realization of these abilities, not to expect everything on a platter. To respond to our horoscope in order to deploy it, however, requires a lot of energy, persistence and confidence. Much easier is the astrologer to tell us what’s going to happen and just wait, but then give up all our energy and control in his hands and in the hands of chance. But if we want to feel the connection with the authentic roots, with the core of our true Self we need to develop and to put our efforts into a long-term goal.

In the concept of psychological astrology is en-shrined the life motive that everything depends on us and on our hard work. Any potential hiding in the horoscopes will take some time to find it and realize it. Each point in the interpretation of psychological horoscope is significant and carries information about where and how to work to be ourselves. Often it’s so contrasting themes and trends, which are difficult to describe, but what about if we need to reconcile and integrate them into our own nature. The greater the pressure, the greater is our potential.

Don’t be afraidreach new heights!